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So near, so far away


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Remixes and experiments

2022, October 14th. Leena - Don't Panic (UBD Remix)

An interesting (at least for me) experiment, and a remix of the Leena's track "Don't Panic". As usual, a hypnotic track, based on some original (and amazing) riffs, mixed with some voices and other sounds. The structure is also unusual: sounds progressively come in and out, there are no distinct parts, just a continuous evolution. Hope you enjoy!

Listen for free here.


2022, August 26th. The ANMLS - Sketches (UBD Remix)

As part of the Metapop's Remix This #321 competition, I prepared this remix. Started by playing around a couple of the original stems (hi hats and some background chords), but ending up with many more sounds and synth lines. The result: a quite sad and melancholic vibe.

Listen for free here.




A short album with two songs, based on piano melodies and ethereal synth sounds. 

Slow and melanchonic vibes. Hope you enjoy it!


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